Terms And Conditions

Please refer below to the terms and conditions regarding the purchase of Prema Joy services

(herein referred to as we or us) products (the "Training Program(s)" or "Course(s)").

1. Accepting These Terms

By signing the agreement, you acknowledge you have read and will abide by the Terms and

Conditions and agree this purchase is a contract between you and us.

2. Cancellations

After the 3 business days cooling off period, if you no longer wish to attend the course and

want to cancel, a $150 AUD cancellation and admin fee will be charged. The balance of

monies you have paid will be held in credit. Credits cannot be refunded but can be used on

any of our courses or products. This credit will not expire. If there is less than 1 month’s

notice from the course start date, 25% of the total course amount will still be payable.

3. Refunds

If you email Hellopj@outlook.com within 3 business days from signing this agreement and

advise us that you wish to cancel, we will refund 100% of the money you have paid to us

within 10 business days. After 3 business days, no refund will be available under any


4. Changing Course Dates

You can transfer your enrolment to a future date with at least 1 month’s notice. If less than 1

month's notice is given, a late postponement fee of $ AU150D is payable immediately.

5. Late Payments

5.1 Late payments may incur a fee of $30 AUD.

5.2 Should you default on this payment for more than 60 days, under the Privacy Act 1988,

Prema Joy can, at its discretion, list information about the default with any credit reporting

agency and refer your details to a debt collection agency to recover the outstanding balance.

5.3 If Payments are not made by the due dates, Courses or Training Programs may be

cancelled and no refund given.

6. Transferring To Another Person

You can transfer your course to another person. We require at least 1 month's notice prior to

course start date, otherwise a late postponement fee of $150 AUD is payable immediately.

7. Paying For A Course Before Attending

Before attending an individual LIVE course, you must pay 100% of the course price a

minimum of 2 weeks before the first day of the course. If you have the discounted paid in full

price, you must pay in full within 1 week of signing this agreement otherwise your price

increases to the payment plan price.

8. Intellectual Property Rights

You agree that you will not distribute or transmit to another person any training program

manuals or online training program access codes. You agree that if you break these

commitments, you will be subject to possible prosecution and be removed from all future

courses, bonuses, support, community groups and email correspondence without refund.

9. Happiness Guarantee

For LIVE training programs: If you attend the entire course in full, have fully participated

and are not completely satisfied, email premajoy@premajoy.com within 24 hours of

completing the final course day and Prema Joy will refund the amount you paid. Each day of

the course must be completed and you must have fully participated in the training program.

This guarantee does not apply if you change your mind or are not able to attend the course.

Refunds do not apply to LIVE training programs you may have received as a bonus, gift,

transfer or course credit.

For ON DEMAND training programs: You will be emailed your login details within 5

working days of the agreed payment being received. It is your responsibility to contact us if

you have not received your login.

If you are not satisfied with the ON DEMAND program, you have 14 calendar days from the

date your login details were sent to you (not the date you open the email), to email

Hellopjoy@outlook.com and receive a full refund. Refunds do not apply to ON-DEMAND

courses you may have received as a bonus, gift, transfer or course credit.

After 14 calendar days, there will be no refunds and the course will still need to be paid for in

full. This is regardless of whether you have logged in to use the program or not. Refunds do

not apply for any training programs you received as a bonus.

10. Access To The Program, Inclusions & Bonuses

10.1 You have 3 years to attend the course from the date of signing this agreement (assuming

the course is still being run). If you receive a bonus re-attendance pass, you have 3 years to

re-attend the course from the date you first attended the course (assuming the course is still

being run).

10.2 To access online training programs, you must be on a standard payment plan without

missing any payments OR have an approved extended payment plan and have paid at least


10.3 When delivering The Course, we may change or cancel course days, hours, speakers or

locations for any reason by notifying you in writing (note: this has never occurred in the

history of my Company but is here in case of emergencies). We shall have no liability to you;

and you shall make no claim against us (including refunds), in respect of the same.

10.6 We may cancel the Training Program for any reason by written notice to you. We will

then refund you the Investment you have paid us within 7 days of giving you notice of

cancellation. We shall have no further liability to you in respect of cancellation.

11. Limitation of Liability

You agree to limit any claim on Prema Joy to the cost of the products or services purchased.

This includes any loss or damage suffered by you in relation to the performance of the

products or services purchased under this agreement.


These Programs and services are powerful and energizing and provide life-changing tools for

transformation, however it is not intended to be a substitute for medical care and is not replacing

professional psychiatric help. Prema Joy is not a licensed medical practitioner. As such by continuing

this program or service you agree to the following;-

1. I agree to release, indemnify and hold harmless Prema Joy, representatives, and employees

for any loss or damage I, or my clients, may suffer in any way associated with my

participation in training programs or through the use of tools and techniques taught or


2. I know of no reason, nor have I been informed by my doctor, psychologist or psychiatrist of

any reason, why my participation in this program would do me harm in any nature. If this

does not accurately reflect my situation, I agree that I will notify Prema Joy before

continuing the program.

3. I acknowledge that all information presented in the program by the facilitator has been

obtained solely from their own experiences through education and as a participant of life

changing situations and is referred to or provided as general information only. I will require

further research to identify its application or modification or its appropriateness to my

specific requirements. It is referred to or provided by way of example only and is not

intended to be, nor is it accepted as specific advice or replacing professional

medical/psychiatric help.

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